VR Escape Rooms

Our VR Escape Rooms bring together the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality and the excitement of Escape Rooms. You will all receive VR glasses and we will place you in breathtaking worlds. In the VR world we are not limited by physical space, building technology or any other rules of our reality. This guarantees incredible and surprising possibilities!

You can play with up to 10 people at the same time. Are you with more? Then we make it a double program!

Our escape rooms
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VR Escape Room scenarios

vr escape room escape the lost pyramid logo

VR Escape Room #level 2

Escape the lost pyramid

Enter the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins with 2 or 4 players and discover the Lost Pyramid of Nebka.

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beyond medusas gate

VR Escape Room #level 3
Beyond the Medusa’s gate

Travel to Ancient Greece in the year 445 BC, and find the legendary ship…

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vr escape room prince of persia dragger of time

VR Escape Room #level 4
Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time

Kaileena called you to the Fort of Time to stop an evil magician.

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vr escape room huxley

VR Escape Room #level 2

The Earth is destroyed. The survivors of the mankind live on a space station. An emergency call comes in suddenly. Your mission now is to return to Earth and find out what happened…

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vr escape room huxley 2

VR Escape Room #level 3
Huxley 2

Dive into the 19th century steampunk world and search for the ultimate energy source.

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Why VR Escape Rooms?

Mind-blowing experiences

We are going to put you in a world that will take your breath away! Even your senses and your mind will believe the experience is real. These games will amaze you more than any other escape room you have ever played.

No physical borders

Forget about escaping from a room. You will be locked in a whole different world! Can you make it out?

The newest VR technology

Our experiences are are made possible with the most advanced computers and the highest quality VR-headsets.


Level Escape room 1 team 1 team 1 team 2 teams 2 teams 2 teams 2 teams 3 teams 3 teams
(1<5) Scenario’s 2 players 3 players 4 players 5 players 6 players 7 players 8 players 9 players 10 players
2 Huxley 80 EUR 100 EUR 120 EUR x x x x x x
2 The Lost Pyramid 80 EUR x 120 EUR x 180 EUR x 224 EUR x 280 EUR
3 Huxley 2 80 EUR 100 EUR 120 EUR x x x x x x
3 Beyond Medusa’s gate 80 EUR x 120 EUR x 180 EUR x 224 EUR x 280 EUR
4 Prince of Persia 80 EUR 100 EUR 120 EUR 150 EUR 180 EUR 210 EUR 224 EUR 252 EUR 280 EUR

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