Arizona Sunshine – The VR zombie shooter

Free roam edition

*** Winner Best Virtual Reality Game ***

Horrifyingly realistic zombies shooting in VR!
In teams of a maximum of 4 players per game, you can freely walk around in a 60m2 game arena. With real guns and haptic vests vibrating along, the battle against the undead has never been more intense!

Genre: Shooter
Duration: 20 Minutes game time + gearing up
Minimum age: 18 years
Players: 1, 2, 3 or 4 players
Prijs: 110 EUR gameprice
2 ppl. – 55 EUR p.p. | 3 ppl. – 36 EUR p.p. |4 ppl. – 27,5 EUR p.p.

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Arizona Sunshine Stories

Missile Base

The future of entertainment is here. Join forces with up to 4 players and take on the brain-hungry undead as they lurch out of the surrounding canyons to attack you, wave after wave. You will have to manually launch a nuclear missile in a zombie-occupied missile base, find the launcher and of course evacuate in time! Can your squad hold out long enough and finish your mission and end the zombie apocalypse?

Extraction Point

A scientist claims to have the cure for the infection but is trapped in the zombie-infested Arizona Star Refinery. You find yourself in a race against time to extract him and the cure before the entire city and all its undead are nuked. In a daring mission that seems doomed from the start, you will need to arm yourselves with whatever weaponry you can find and blast your way through a refinery overrun with undead. Then make your way to the very top in an attempt to escape the refinery with the means to end the zombie apocalypse.

Live Bait

In addition to these two immersive story based experiences, we offer this interactive “horde mode” experience.
Your team will be tasked to activate a transmitter to lure zombies away from the Missile Base, then kill as many of those undead monstrosities as possible to make sure the path to the missile base will be clear. Succeeding will bring the world a step closer to victory over the undead. Make sure you stay alive and return back to base.

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Why Arizona Sunshine LBVR?

arizona sunshine zombie shooter

Join forces

Join with a maximum of 4 people against the hordes of the undead.
Put on your VR goggles, hold on to your shotgun and protect your teammates from a zombie invasion. An amazing immersive experience. Will your team manage to hold out long enough and break the record?
We recommend starting with story mode.

Arizona Sunshine
Free-roam edition

Take on an army of hungry dead in this gruesome realistic VR Zombies shooter. The adrenaline rushes through your body, draw your weapon, aim and shoot with real movements. Horror, action, comedy and puzzles all in this zombie apocalypse.
Combined with Haptic feedback vests that vibrate on you, the battle against the undead has never been more intense.


arizona sunshine zombie shooter team playing
arizona sunshine zombis schieten

Full freedom of movement in a 60m2 arena

VR zombie shooting in Free-roam. Say goodbye to teleporting and say hello to untethered action!
This revolutionary “Free Roam VR” technology gives you complete freedom of movement within the 60m2 playing area. With the help of full-body tracking, your physical movements are duplicated in Virtual Reality.


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