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Maximum capacity at the Amaze VR Arcade:

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30 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players30 EUR30 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players30 EUR60 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players27,5 EUR82,5 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players27,5 EUR110 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players25 EUR125 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players25 EUR150 EUR
90 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players80 EUR80 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players80 EUR160 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players67,5 EUR202,5 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players67,5 EUR270 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players60 EUR300 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players60 EUR360 EUR
60 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players50 EUR50 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players50 EUR100 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players40 EUR120 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players40 EUR160 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players35 EUR175 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players35 EUR210 EUR



Battlewake Arcade

As four ancient, super-powered Pirate Lords fighting for ultimate dominion, you’ll captain a massive battle-ready ship; navigate lush, elemental seascapes; and embark on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages full of magic, mystery, and mayhem.


Tower Tag

Tower Tag brings Laser Tag to VR and combines eSports with virtual reality. Through a special way of locomotion, we create incredible immersion in a small physical space and also prevent motion sickness. It is an LBE eSports game that was specially developed for virtual reality and is exciting for the audience and the players to the same extent.

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