Save Notre-Dame On Fire is a virtual reality escape game that recounts the historic rescue of Notre-Dame de Paris during the fire that almost destroyed the cathedral on April 15, 2019.

This escape game is based on the movie “Notre-Dame On Fire” by Jean-Jacques Annaud and seeks to pay further tribute to the Paris fire brigade who helped make the game immersive and authentic. For 45 minutes, become a firefighter who saves the cathedral and its most precious treasure: the crown of thorns. Look for the sacred relic’s safe, a well-kept secret; navigate the nave in flames after the spire collapses; then ascend the North tower overhanging Paris and relive the last chance mission in the belfry.

  • Step in the burning Notre-Dame as a brave fire-fighter

  • Number of players: 2

  • Game time: 60 minutes + gearing-up

  • If you’re afraid of heights there will be some exciting parts in this game.

save notre-dame on fire

Players in 1 team: 2 players

Max players at the same time: 10

Genre: Escape Room

Minimum age: 14 years

Difficult (1<5): level 3

44 EUR per player

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