Virtual Reality in the heart of The Hague City center is open! Ideal to start your evening in the center. Virtual Reality is the out of home experience you don’t want to miss. At Amaze every single day we are looking for the newest Experiences in the VR Realm. There is a perfect experience for every age group. What do you think of an Escape Room, but in Virtual Reality? Or play with your team in our intense Zombie Shooter! Kids parties, Bachelor parties, teambuilding events or other bigger groups? Everyone is welcome! Are you curious what Amaze can offer you? Read on.

VR Experiences

VR Teambuilding

Upgrade your Team Building to 2.0

From 20 EUR p.p.
VR Arcade Players in Action Poses

VR Escape Room

Next Gen. of Escape Room

Give the next generation of Escape Rooms a try: escape, but in Virtual Reality! This is the ultimate experience for groups of up to 10 people.

From 30 EUR p.p.

VR Shooter

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Can you defeat an army of hundreds of undead during the Zombie Apocalypse? Gear up with haptic feedback vests and weapons to add an extra layer to these experiences!

From 25 EUR p.p.
arizona sunshine shooter game
arcade games

VR Arcade Games

Over 40 Single and Multiplayer Games

Rent one or more of our Arcade zones, where you can try more than 40 Experiences.

From 25 EUR / headset
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