Amaze VR Floorplan

See our floorplan below!
We have a Free Roam arena, 6 Arcade zones, and a bar with comfy sitting spots, and special drinks.

Amaze VR Plattegrond

What is free roam?

Free-roam literally means: walking around freely. So you are able to walk around freely in these Virtual Reality games as you would in the real world. This makes the experience very real and even more exciting!

Free-roam Escape Room: HUXLEY
Free-roam Zombie Shooter: ARIZONA SUNSHINE
Would you like to take a look? Check out our virtual tour!

What is an Arcade?

An Arcade is a play area where a VR headset hangs. So you actually rent a VR Headset full of different VR games. You can choose from all kinds of games such as shooters, adventure or sports games. There is also a large screen on top of each headset your friends can watch your game while you are in VR. This way you can rent out one Arcade with several people at a time.

We also have multiplayer games, so if you rent out 2 or more headsets at the same time, you can play together or against each other!