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30 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players30 EUR30 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players30 EUR60 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players27,5 EUR82,5 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players27,5 EUR110 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players25 EUR125 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players25 EUR150 EUR
60 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players50 EUR50 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players50 EUR100 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players40 EUR120 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players40 EUR160 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players35 EUR175 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players35 EUR210 EUR
90 minAantal playersPer headsetTotal
1 headset1 – 3 players80 EUR80 EUR
2 headsets2 – 6 players80 EUR160 EUR
3 headsets3 – 9 players67,5 EUR202,5 EUR
4 headsets4 – 12 players67,5 EUR270 EUR
5 headsets5 – 15 players60 EUR300 EUR
6 headsets6 – 18 players60 EUR360 EUR

Game library


Skyfront VR

A ZERO-GRAVITY shooter where you fly around battling against other players. You have explosive weapons to blast at your enemies and awesome Special Abilities to mess up your opponents game!


Battlewake Arcade

As four ancient, super-powered Pirate Lords fighting for ultimate dominion, you’ll captain a massive battle-ready ship; navigate lush, elemental seascapes; and embark on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages full of magic, mystery, and mayhem.


Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the Eiffel Tower.



HoloBall plunges players into an action-sports arcade arena inspired by one of the most iconic games of all time. Use your paddles to hit, smash and curve the HoloBall past your opponent to score.


Loco Dojo

Step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your silliest skills against (up to) three friends or strangers in this hilariously competitive cross-platform multiplayer social VR party game.


Snow Fortress

Relive your childhood by building the perfect snow fort and protecting it from getting trashed by an army of angry snowmen! Unlock tools to protect your fort and deliver a flurry of snowballs at your opponents! 


Robo Recall

Robo Recall is an action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter built exclusively for Oculus. Explore realistic environments as an agent tasked with recalling rogue robots while unlocking an expanding arsenal of weapons.


Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.


YouTube VR

YouTube VR Experience your favorite YouTube channels, videos and creators in virtual reality. The YouTube VR app turns every video on the platform into your own virtual reality experience and reimagines YouTube as a 3D world you can explore from the inside.


Keep Talking

Keep Talking Find yourself alone in a room with a bomb. Your friends have the manual to defuse it, but they can’t see the bomb, so you're going to have to talk it out – fast!


Penn & Teller VR

Penn & Teller VR MASTER THE MAGIC Slip into the virtual shoes of legendary magicians Houdini, Cardini, and Penn Jillette himself and perform your own water escape and card trick—with Penn & Teller as your magical mentors.


I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of an elite secret agent. You must attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive and dangerous locales.


Island 359

You step off the chopper and into the sweltering heat of the jungle, grab your gear, and head off in search of fame. You've been hired as a mercenary to kill as many dinosaurs as possible, and the good news is the checks have all cleared.


Pagan Peak VR

PAGAN PEAK VR will take you on a journey to the darkest corners of the human mind. You will find yourself in a mysterious alpine cabin, captured by the Krampus Killer. Your only chance to survive is to explore the cabin and solve the riddles laid out by the killer, emerging deeper and deeper into his psyche.


VR Regatta

Veterans of sailing and newcomers alike are invited to discover the relaxation and exploration at Akalana Islands. Journey through the sunrise and sunset as you compete in challenges and races to progress your career, or simply enjoy a peaceful moonlit sail.


Flappy Arms

Spread your arms, and flap like you mean it to take to the sky in Flappy Arms, the premier VR bird simulator! Flap your way through a procedurally generated city of endless obstacles while flying past sky scrapers and fluffy clouds. 


After – H

Mars, 2080. Two human factions are fighting over key strategic points in the Solar System. Join the Martian battlefields and fight as the Alliance or the Rebels in a competitive fast-paced FPS. Gather your crew in Team Death match mode to overtake a spaceship crash site on Mars. 


Predator VR

Play in single player mode and fight through intense action movie moments in a hunt through the jungles of Panama, and the claustrophobic maze of a Siberian secret base. Also in Multiplayer, get immersed as an elite soldier in the hunt or The Predator to find your target and take them down. Survival is up to you: will you be the hunter or the hunted?


The Burning Descent

You’ll fight across a colossal and vertiginous arena, teleporting from platform to platform and bullseyeing your opponents with different cool weapons. At the end of the fight the mercenary with the highest score is declared the best fighter in the arena!



Arrowborn brings you the fast-paced and visceral action of a multiplayer first-person shooter and combines it with the immersive experience of virtual reality archery. Show your lethal accuracy and clever map tactics as you load your quiver full of deadly magical arrows and lay waste to the competition!


Vacation Simulator

Welcome to the Vacation Simulator, a raw approach to HOLIDAY, inspired by real people who DO NOT WORK, designed by the same robots that previously created the Job Simulator. Get ready for swimming, parties, snowballs and selfies for optimal relaxation!



VTOL VR is a near-futuristic combat flight game built specifically for Virtual Reality. You are the pilot of an AV-42C, a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capable vehicle that can perform transport, air to surface, and air to air combat roles.


Waltz of the Wizard

A virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it’s like to have magical powers. Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a human skull. Unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive virtual world.


Sprint Vector

Step into the vector blades of an intergalactic star, rev up, and explode onto Sprint Vector’s colorful landscapes on a variety of races courses and challenge maps. Scale towering pyramids and plunge into alien ruins, leap across giant pits while dodging debilitating blobs of sludge - but watch out for your fellow sprinters!


Clash of Chefs VR

Clash of Chefs VR is all about who’s the fastest and the most skilled cook. Prepare ordered food and drinks to satisfy your customers. Compete against other players online, beat their score and win the bragging rights as the best chef in the world.


ABC Paint Multiplayer

ABC Paint is a simple Multiplayer VR drawing experience that anyone can start using in seconds. Randomized funny heads for players. Draw on your friends' head or paint them a stick figure body. The non-violent nature and ease of use makes the game suitable for even the youngest of players as their first step into VR.



theBlu: is a deeply immersive VR series that allows you to experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through different habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet.

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