Teambuilding on Location

Some team building activities are fun, but do not create long-lasting benefits. An AMAZING team building activity effortlessly improves coordination and chemistry between team members. Using virtual reality technology, we’ve integrated these benefits into the most engaging activity you will ever experience.

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What to expect?

We’ve designed our experiences to suit a vast array of different people, with different interests and hobbies. Whether they want to dance, battle, or explore a new dimension, there is something for everyone. For teams as small as 5 to as large as 40.

Currently we have 2 setups which we can deliver to you at your location. A VR expert from Amaze will also join of course to support and guide the event. We select a few of the most awesome VR games, which fit your group the best.

players multiplayer games icon
1 headset 1 tot 8 spelers 1 VR expert 120 min 40+ games
2 headsets 2 tot 16 spelers 2 VR experts 120 min 40+ games
3 headsets 3 tot 24 spelers 2 VR experts 120 min 40+ games
4 headsets 4 tot 32 spelers 3 VR experts 120 min 40+ games

The prices are including VAT, prepping the location, introduction and guiding the event. The travel-costs are calculated on a per km basis (€0.19).