Tower Tag – Virtual Reality Lasergame

Tower Tag is our signature game of virtual reality laser tag where up to 6 players can play together across 2 teams.

At first Tower Tag may seem like a casual, competitive shooter but players will quickly learn that there’s a ton of strategy and teamwork involved when playing Tower Tag.

Players strategically move around the map by controlling platforms and moving between them to gain advantages over their opponents. Each platform has a central tower that can be used for cover from incoming fire. Controlling platforms is the key to being able to outmaneuver and outgun your enemies! Don’t rely on just being a good shot!

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Choice of different game modes and fields!

Elimination: Eliminate the entire other team to score points.
Team Death-match: As many kills as possible! The time to get your friends on.
Capture The Tower: ak Capture the Flag! Communicate well about the attack and defense, and capture the Tower from your enemy.

tower tag field


Player versus player shooter with maximum 6 people on the field! Figure out the best strategy together to defeat the other team!


One round takes around 5 minutes. Come with more people and switch after 2-3 round of game: until half of the team is playing the other half can chill on the couches, or have a drink at the bar. You can follow the match on our TV screens!


One of the greatest strength of Tower Tag unfolds in the sporting competition. Are you going to be in the winner team?


Prices per headset (4/6 headsets) 4 headsets (2 vs. 2) 6 headsets (3 vs. 3)
30 minutes 25/27,5 EUR 110 EUR 150 EUR
60 minutes 35/40 EUR 160 EUR 210 EUR

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