Educational VR school trips

 The perfect combination between fun and learning

On our Educational VR school trip the students can get familiar with a totally new and exciting medium: Virtual Reality.  The immersive nature of VR elevates the students’ learning experience, allowing them to absorb course material in ways that haven’t been done before.

Students can now get an insight and step into the VR by playing a wide variety of interactive games based on real-life problems and experiences. By putting students in different situations that aren’t physically possible inside a classroom they will be able to experience sensations they would never usually come across.

The Educational VR school trip also includes an exciting lecture about what virtual reality and augmented reality are, what impact they have on our lives and how it is used in different fields. Finally they are going to make their own VR Cardboard Headsets.

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Educational VR school trips, what can you expect?

  • Duration of the activity is 2-3 hours

  • Suggested group size 10- 30 students

  • Ideal for 10-16 year old students

  • Multiple experience packages

  • Our VR Center is booked exclusively for your team

  • Minimum 30 minutes of VR gameplay per student

  • Interesting lecture about VR & AR

  • Cardboard VR Google making workshop

Preview of the program

10:00 Welcome and briefing
10:15 – 11:00 VR and AR Lecture
11:00 – 11:45  VR Educational Gaming
11:45 – 12:15 Lunch break
12:15 – 13:00 VR Cardboard Glasses making Workshop
13:00- 13:15 Class Photo and debriefing

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Educational VR school trips, how does it work?

It originally consists of 3 parts: a masterclass, educational games and a workshop but we give you the option to choose which parts to focus on, or which parts to exclude.

1: Masterclass: What is VR and AR?

Experts will be explaining the students what virtual reality and augmented reality really are, what is the difference between them, how these have evolved and how they are used in the different sectors, whether this is everyday life, education, work or trainings.

2: Educational Games 

When it comes to the educational VR experiences, students will be split up in small groups and will each experience 30 minutes of gameplay in the category chosen by the teachers. Our arcade is equipped with large LCD screens so kids see each other’s gameplay live as well.

3: Cardboard Headset Workshop 

Students will each be given a cardboard headset and will be taught how to put it together and how to use them.  At the end they will also have the chance to customize and take them home to explore the world of VR and AR even further with the help of their mobile phone.

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Educational VR school trips, full of fun and knowledge

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