City Escape with Augmented Reality

Do you have what it takes to solve our AR City Escape?

Looking for a new challenge? A teambuilding full of adventure and surprises? Then, our Augmented Reality City Escape is exactly what you are looking for! With our newly launched theme, inspired by Casa de Papel you and your team will have the opportunity to work side by side with El Profesor to break-in the Royal Mint of Spain. Or, infiltrate the drug world as an undercover agent through our AR city game based on Undercover the Dutch-Flemish Netflix series. On the other hand, you and your team can undertake a very secret mission as international spies and try to solve the mystery From Russia With Love. Will you find out who leaked the information?

Our City Escape are a combination of an escape room and a scavenger hunt. You and your team will be sent out into the city on one of our missions armed with gadgets and an iPad.

Compete against more teams, sabotage your opponents, and show them how it is done. Are you and your team ready to undertake this challenge?

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undercover ar city game

Become a real undercover agent and infiltrate the Dutch drug world. The mission in this AR City Game is to find the biggest drug lab of the city. As an inexperienced undercover agent, you will have to be extra careful and stay on your guard. The only way to integrate is by speaking the language of violence, corruption and money. Can you and your team handle this?

Your team will be equipped with a suitcase full of gadgets to help you out with the hardest challenges. You will also receive an iPad, which you will use to solve the Augmented Reality Puzzles. This City game is challenging, exciting and designed only for the toughest and smartest undercover agents from the Netherlands.

Do you think you can do it better than Bob and Kim from the Netflix series Undercover? Come and play this AR City game and find out by yourself!

Don’t get caught!

Bob and Kim’s cover were almost blown away. That will surely not happen to your team. Be careful and act with confidence among these fierce less criminals. Ask the right questions and observe that is the only way to find the stockpile.

Use the Augmented reality and see what others can’t!

Just like you and your team, all the information must stay undercover, which is why you will be using Augmented Reality to solve the encrypted puzzles. Use this confidential technology to gain as much information as possible on the whereabouts of the stock of drugs.

la case de papel city game

Looking for a team excursion full of surprises with a fun theme? Then, book our Augmented Reality City game: LA CASA DE DINERO!

La Casa de Dinero is based on the intriguing plot of the popular Netflix series La casa de Papel. Believe in the airtight plan of El Professor and help him break-in and retrieve all of the money from the Royal Mint of Spain. Work together and do not make any mistakes! The police are on the verge of every movement, so be extra careful.

El Professor wants to find the best team to work with him. Thereby, he has hidden several questions in the city. Prove yourself and demonstrate why El Profesor should choose your team for this robbery!

La colaboración es lo más importante!

El Profesor

For whom is El Profesor looking for?

El Profesor has an extraordinary plan and he is looking for a team. What is the plan? Eso es un secreto!  It is a secret; you must earn his trust first! List of personal characteristics needed:

  • Team player
  • Creative
  • Leadership
  • Strong
  • Smart
  • Mathematical
  • Techie
  • Fast

According to El Profesor the key is teamwork! Together we’re a team, together we make the plan, together we carry out the plan and together we celebrate our achievement!

The Ultimate Outdoor Event for Any Group!

Our City game is suited for groups from 4 to 30 people, so you won’t need to cut the fun short. Want to play with your colleagues or friends? It is all possible. Working in a team solving each and every puzzle together will put your communicating and team skills to test. The puzzles are not the easiest, so be sure to bring some creativity alongside! So, are you still looking for the ultimate company teambuilding or team excursion? Are you and your friends ready for a new challenge or is it the perfect idea for the next family day?