Feestje en verjaardag

Are you looking for a birthday party idea that is fun and totally unique? Virtual Reality Birthday Parties are a completely new type of experience that is guaranteed to generate excitement, laughter, and a ton of great memories. Escape the mundaness of real life and enter a fantasy world with your friends or family. A completely intuitive experience where your body is the controller. Hug, dance, and high-five your friends in a completely new world, and work together to vanquish foes.

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Boys’ Birthday Parties

Enter a world filled with excitement and adrenaline, and wield magical powers to vanquish your enemies. Boys will especially enjoy the action elements of our experiences!

Girls’ Birthday Parties

Enter a world where you can have funny dance-offs with friends. Coordinate and communicate in order to overcome obstacles. Girls will enjoy the co-operative elements of our experiences!

Turbulent Teenage Birthdays

There are a lot of options for birthday parties, but none are as immersive and universal as Mirage VR. Be the first to host a one-of-a-kind party filled with wonder, laughter, and a collection of amusing instagram videos.

For Friends And Family

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your birthday with friends or family, we’re here to make sure everyone is having a blast. Our staff will cater to your needs and work with you to make this the best birthday possible. Our content and customer service will have everyone feeling wonder, excitement, and laughter, all at the same time.

What to expect?

– 3 hour VR experience op locatie
– Met 2 headsets
– Professionele begeleiding
– try multiple VR experiences
– work togehter to acomplish missions
– a truly unforgetable memory
– Extra headsets en uren zijn mogelijk


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teenager verjaardag vr kinderen